Back in the air…

Finally the corona lock-down period is coming to an end. Three months without a job, three months without a single flight, just a few hours in the simulator as required by the authorities.

To help start up our operation I was called to pick up an aircraft which was parked for the last three months at Munich airport. So I jumped into the next plane which flew us ( my colleague and me ) to Munich. We were already used to wear masks during the last couple of weeks while taking a public transport or entering a supermarket. But being at an empty airport or sitting in an almost empty airplane still feels quite weird. Corona has changed air travel quite a lot. As you can see in the video below service on board has changed, too.

After landing at Munich airport we were taken to our aircraft which was handed over by our maintenance experts.

As this was a flight without passengers our flight preparation was completed in no time and soon we found ourselves on the way to runway 26R at MUC airport. “Cleared for take-off runway 26R”, those words we haven’t heard in months suddenly put a smile on our faces.

With take-off power set we accelerated down the runway and a few moments later we were back into the air…what a great feeling!

Getting back to work…

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