About Celina

After carefully studying the plans by B&B I started to build my 10ft. nesting dinghy. I didn’t have a garage or a garden to build my boat that’s why I used my balcony. Initially I even had to use my living-room. Due to the lack of space available everything had to be done in a logical order.

For my dinghy I used 6mm plywood which was indeed a little bit difficult to obtain. Once every single piece was cut-out, planed and treated with one layer of epoxy I started to put everything together. Step by step and day after day I could see my boat taking shape. The B&B butterfly method was simple and ingenious at the same time. With the gun-whales installed Celina got its final shape.

Thereafter it got a bit messy. I had to close all the gaps and holes with a filler which was mixed with epoxy. All edges and borders were then enforced with glass-fibre. Three layers of epoxy later the dinghy was waterproof and had a nice shiny appearance.

Now, finally I had to cut my boat in half. The reason why I chose a nesting dinghy was twofold:

  • to get it off my balcony
  • to be able to stow it more easily

The rudder and the daggerboard were put in place and everything was tested for the first time. Some adjustments were needed but generally everything worked quite fine.

The rigg is a second-hand surf mast made of carbon which was modified by myself with a stainless-steel track for easy sail-setting. Another used surf mast was used as the boom.

With the color it really got its final look. Now it ´s time to take her to sea…


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