What a lovely day

After having spent three weeks of vacation it is about time to get back into my seat. What a lovely day indeed. The weather is just perfect. No wind at the moment of our departure. No clouds covering this beautiful sunrise.

On this beautiful Wednesday morning we are about to lift-off into a blue sky heading towards Stuttgart, Germany. The flight preparation reveals that we can expect perfect flight conditions on our route and our destination. According to the outlook we are about to welcome almost 90 passengers. While our lovely cabin crew discuss the latest company regulation my First Officer and I talk about the planned routing. We check for winds aloft and any possible weather en-route. But as already mentioned today there is nothing to worry about. As we print the flighplan we calculate the correct amount of fuel. Not too much, so as to safe money and exhaust but neither too little. Anyway there is always a minimum amount of fuel which is required by law.

After finalizing the paperwork we join our cabin crew and discuss todays flight. A few minutes later we will be on our way to the aircraft. Check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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