Puig de ses Vinyes, 1106m

The alarm clock was set to 5:30a.m. Not really the preferred time to wake up on a day off. But today another hike was planned: Puig de ses Vinyes.

Even though the calender shows already mid of September, the thermometer still indicates 30° C. To avoid that heat we prefer to start our hikes quite early.

From Soller we followed the road uphill, a road we already knew quite well, as lots of hikes start from the parking lot at Cuber reservoir. Having the car parked we needed to head back towards the military base from where a small path lead us into the oak tree forrest.

In this area one finds lots of these trees, the fruits of which are fed to the Mallorcan pigs. Pata negra is the most famous, most tasty of the Iberian dry-cured hams ( 36 months ). Don’t miss it when you come to visit Mallorca.

But let’s get back to our hike. Once we left the forrest behind we found ourselves on a plateau which offered a great view of today’s goal. In front of us was Puig de ses Vinyes at 1106m MSL and to the left Puig Major, Mallorca´s tallest mountain at 1436m.

It was a lovely day, perfect conditions and because we started so early the temperature was just right. Some 150m underneath the top of the mountain it did get a little bit tricky. We faced a steeper ascend with lots of gravel and one has to concentrate on the next step. With proper gear, as one should be equipped with for any hike, and a little bit of experience there shouldn’t be a problem. Having said so, the very last 10-20 meters in altitude require an even more careful approach, since we had to rely not only in our good shoes, but as well in our hands. Step after step we came closer to our goal.

The view was stunning and we enjoyed the moment for quite a while. We had a small bite and recharged our batteries for the upcoming descend. Meanwhile we were lucky to watch five black vulgure. Today there are 160 of those birds flying high above the Serra de Tramuntana. With wingspans up to 3 meters they really appeared very impressive.

Once we were ready to descend we packed our rucksack and followed the same route we came. As usual we saw lots of sheep and some goats as well. But today we also saw a dead cow. Quite a strange look I have to admit. But I guess the black vulgure enjoyed the feast.

As we reached the car we decided to finish our afternoon off at the beach of Soller with a refreshing swim and an excellent paella. Check out the video. Subscribe on youtube not to miss future videos or support us on


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