Sailing in the bay of Palma

Maybe you have noticed just the same but I realized that throughout the last six months while our normal way of life came quite harshly out of track, no-one seems to talk about anything else anymore but the virus. Understandably this situation has left us with more questions than answers.

For us to clear our minds and gain some distance from everything we love to take the boat and sail. Once on board one can hear just the wind, the water hitting the hull and the laughter from the people one sails with.

Having the opportunity to sail this 39 feet Beneteau once in a while gives me personally the chance to re-charge my batteries. Just as hiking in the mountains. So we bought food and drinks, packed our stuff and boarded that sailing boat in the royal nautic club from Palma. The weather was fantastic, as it really is most days of the year here on the island of Mallorca.

We initially set course towards Illetes. In that lovely bay we dropped the anchor and prepared for a little lunch, followed by some refreshing moments in the water. Even the fish seemed to enjoy their day.

Later that day we cast-off for a new anchorage: just opposite the magnificent cathedral. What a view…


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