Ferry Flight

Once in a while an aircraft is needed for operational and/or maintenance reasons at a different airport. In cases like this we fly the aircraft without passengers.

We call it: ferry flight.

Before we fly our airbus ferry from Stuttgart to Berlin we have to take our seats as passengers on a regular flight from Palma to Stuttgart. Even though some companies had reduced their on-board service before this current Covid situation, most airlines now stopped serving anything at all. To counteract one has to be prepared. Check out my colleague on the video, I do have the feeling he might be starving.

The flight from Stuttgart to Berlin is a very short one, we are talking about 45-50 mins only. And since we were scheduled for only one flight at this day our work-day finished quickly. After landing we taxied the aircraft to its parking position, we shut-down the engines and secured the aircraft for overnight parking.

In the meantime the crew-bus was already waiting for us in-front the aircraft. The ride to the hotel only takes 15mins and we were looking forward to finishing our day with pizza and beer.


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