Torrent de Pareis

When I woke up at that morning I was in the mood for a hike again. The island of Mallorca offers so many different opportunities. But instead of looking for a new peak with stunning views I wanted to try one of its stunning ravines.

Torrent de Pareis connects the reservoir of Gorg Blau at around 600 meters above mean sea level with the sea. After I studied the track on my app I was prepared for a 7km hike in one direction.

So I packed my backpack and jumped into my car. Once I passed Soller I followed the road uphill to the reservoirs where most of my hikes start. After some 45mins I reached the parking lot in the area of Escorca.

From here I quickly found the trail into the ravine which I followed downhill to the sea. What a lovely day. Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold.

Once in the ravine I found myself surrounded by some really big boulders which made my progress more difficult. There are some spots which require basic climbing skills. Nothing serious but without experience it is a bit tricky.

The ravine should be avoided after heavy rainfall because it might be full of water. Sometimes the reservoirs are emptied into it as well. Warnings should really be adhered to. The ravine has some caves which are worth to be explored on a separate trip. Some however require professional guidance.

When I reached the sea the view was amazing but since I started that tour quite late I couldn’t enjoy it for much longer. I had to get back to my car before sunset. Even though I used my GPS tracker it somehow lost connection to the satellites and so I am not 100% sure how many kilometers this trip really took. According to the time and my average speed in the mountains I estimated about 20kms and I covered almost 800 meters in altitude. The hike is a bit tricky and it becomes exhaustive if you decide to do both directions on one day. I suggest to do this lovely hike together with a friend. With two cars you can park one at the top and the other at the bottom of the ravine. Following the ravine downhill is the most beautiful way to hike.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more…

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