From Berlin to Bastia

Even though I already posted my very last flight from the airport of Berlin Tegel, I realized that I still owe you one more video: our flight from Berlin to Bastia, on the lovely island of Corsica.

We left Berlin southbound and soon we found ourselves passing the Alps. Unfortunately though, it was very cloudy and we couldn’t see any of those majestic Swiss mountains. Normally we would be able to have a glance at the Matterhorn, the Eiger or many more.

It actually took us all the way to Genoa where we were able to spot ground. But from there we had to get ready for the approach into Bastia.

No normal straight-in approach with a simple ILS, no, at that day we were to follow an RNAV approach which inbound course wasn’t aligned with the runway center line. This was caused due to the mountainous terrain west of the approach sector. After all it was a lovely approach and we enjoyed the view.


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