Sailing from Palma to Las Palmas

It was the beginning of November, the weather got cold and the situation with the virus didn’t get any better.

For us it seemed to be the perfect time to leave for a two week trip to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. As our means of transportation we chose a boat, a sailboat which belonged to a colleague of mine. Solitude is a 43ft Beneteau Sense with a two cabin layout, huge cockpit and really big fuel tanks.

We left on November, 6th right after breakfast. The wind showed gusts up to 25kts, so we did expect a bumpy ride. But for me I am afraid it was a little bit too bumpy. Unfortunately it knocked me out for 24 hours, starting at nightfall on day one. Luckily the weather improved even tough I didn’t ask for this much of an improvement. The following days showed very little wind and the use of the engine was inevitable. It was only during day 5 when we were about to cross the straight of Gibraltar when the wind finally picked up. As on day one we were looking into gusts again. But at least we were moving.

At the end of our journey which took us 13 days, we had to use the engine on 5 days, burning 425l of Diesel. The experience however was amazing, although a little bit more wind would have been better.


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