One week on Mallorca – without a thought of the virus

Join us during this exciting week of possibilities.

For more than 10 months the world seems to have only one topic: the virus. Admittedly it did have some serious effects on our daily live. And since everyone is quite aware of it I won’t spend any further words on it.

So let’s try to focus on the bright side. Besides all the restrictions we still find plenty of options to enjoy special moments.

Follow us on our journey through a week of possibilities: we started the week enjoying a wonderful concert in a small church out of Campanet, north of Palma. It was an amazing atmosphere and we met a lot of great people.

Two days later we went for a hike with friends. What a stunning track. We followed it from Sant Elm to La Trapa and enjoyed breathtaking views.

The track is with a little bit experience no big deal. There is one spot however which requires special attention. Overall it is a lovely round course of almost 9kms which could be done within 4-5hrs ( with breaks ).

At the end of the week we set sail to enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Even at difficult times like these we can find some tranquilizing moments.

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