Allgemein, Earth

Let´s hike…

Sure, that video wasn’t shot recently but I think it is a perfect way to show what beautiful island Mallorca is. Perfect weather, perfect temperatures and a trail which isn’t too long, nor too short.

As many of my hikes I start again on one of the parking lots around the Cuber reservoir. You proceed from Palma initially to Soller and then follow the Ma-10 into the mountains. It is a very picturesque drive but be careful in spring when the road is full of cyclists.

Once you park your car ( I have seen even public transport going there ) you can follow the signs of GR-221 and start your ascend immediately some 200m. Even from that little ridge you see the reservoirs quite beautifully. Since signs are missing you carefully follow the trail by looking for stone markings. Personally I use an app which is called Bergfex. I find all my trails and even in high grass I will not get lost anymore.

But enough the words – enjoy the video and if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Or check directly on YouTube: sailingcelina.


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