Searching for the blue mountains

Snow in January is in many European countries a proper indication of winter. On the lovely island of Mallorca however it can be a surprise. With temperatures at around 5°C in the city of Palma accompanied by lots of rain during the night we did eventually see snow-covered mountains the next morning.

Since travel restrictions prevented me from going to Austria for skiing it was indeed a nice view. On the other hand though it meant that my next hike would have to be postponed until the snow had gone.

On January 13th we woke up and some blue skies and mild temperatures welcomed us on that morning. Four brave mountaineers were about to start a search for the blue mountains in the area of Deia.

Let me just tell you that those mountains were actually rather black than blue.

We jumped into our cars and headed north to Valldemossa. Just behind the other side of this beautiful village we followed Ma-10 in direction of Deia. A few kilometers later and a little bit hidden in the forest we parked at the Ermita de la Trinitat, a little church which was built in 1703.

Unfortunately the weather changed at this point and we faced some clouds and the wind picked up as well. With proper equipment in our backpacks we didn’t really bother.

As usual when I plan a hike I use my Bergfex app and check for routes, distance and altitude. But never did it say anything about rope-supported ascend for our trip at that day. The mountains were still wet and quite slippery after the snow had gone and thus it made it tricky for us to follow the prescribed track. In fact, we faced one spot where a continuation was not possible and we had to turn around. Luckily there was an alternative route available.

On top of that little peak we found ourselves in fog. The wind was quite strong and it became a bit chilly.

During our descend towards Deia we found the different colored mountains, but they appeared rather black and beige than blue. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Back at the parking we had a quick glance into that church and enjoyed a stunning view over the coast of Mallorca.


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