Rumor has it…

According to information from our flight operations department we shall be flying again soon.

In about two weeks time, actually at the beginning of March we are back to the sky. After so many months of uncertainty and mainly hoping for the best it looks promising.

What did we do in the meantime? Well, it’s quite tough for a pilot to be sitting around and waiting for the pandemic to cease. But having said so, we were still quite busy. As a matter of fact authorities require operators to keep their pilots current. Which means we have to either fly a real aircraft from time to time or practice different maneuvers in the simulator. Both options right now create a bit of a hassle. Firstly it is not unusual for aircraft to be parked long-term with protective covers installed and secondly since there are very few aircraft/airlines still flying it can create some troubles traveling to/from simulator centers.

To keep a long story short: our pilots were sent to simulator training centers all over Europe to justify all legal requirements. We are therefore looking forward to be in a real aircraft anytime soon.

Well in the meanwhile enjoy this trip on the jumpsuit from Palma to Nuremberg. And please subscribe my channel on YouTube: sailingcelina.


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