Puig Tomir

Ahead lay a 11km long trail in the northern part of the island of Mallorca. We started the hike not very far from the Lluc monastery. The first 3kms were quite straight forward. A lovely hike through oak forests and beautiful landscapes. Thereafter our work-out started: during the next 1,7kms we had to climb 500m. Sounds rather steep but it was alright. The weather was just perfect on that day, not too hot but neither too cold.

It didn’t take us very long and soon we found ourselves at the top of Puig Tomir. We enjoyed amazing views and after a small bite we continued our round-course back to the parking lot.

At the end we covered 11kms and almost 700m in height difference. The time we spend in nature at that beautiful day was worth ever minute and we could re-charge our batteries again. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to subscribe.


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