Up in the air

After five months without a single flight we are finally back to the flight deck.

The worldwide pandemic really cut us short and left us sitting at home and actually just hoping for the best. Industries were hit hard throughout the world especially tourism and aviation. Despite all the bad news over the last 12 months I consider myself amongst the lucky ones not to lose my job. Lots of friends and former colleagues are now stranded and try to re-apply at different airlines around the globe, but at that moment no-one really needs pilots. Our company stood put and didn’t lay off a single pilot. Now it seems to have been a brave and smart move as we are getting back into our seats. Not only are we able to welcome passengers on our flights again but as well a handful of new colleagues as we are now expanding our network. Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan.

During the last months our pilots have been sent to the simulator to keep their recency and to train for proficiency.

While this video below was still from last year stay tuned for new ones to come.

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