Bec de Ferrutx

Even tough this current situation is not easy I have to admit that I never had more time to enjoy hikes or sail the boat than during this pandemic. Sure, I couldn’t enjoy winter in Austria as I normally would have. No skiing in fresh powder nor climbing mountains with skies at New Years Day. No fun in the snow with the kids nor a downhill sleigh race at night.

But to be fair I can think of worse places to spend my winter than on the island of Mallorca. With more than 50 peaks above 1000 meters there are plenty hikes to choose from. The diversity of those trails is marvelous. In the West the area is sparse and open, the trails are mostly empty and one can enjoy hours of tranquility.

The northern part of the Serra de Tramuntana becomes more and more greener. Olive trees grow on beautiful arranged terraces one after the other and provide income to the Mallorcan farmers. Forrests of oak trees along the long distance trail GR221 offer shade to hikers and the wildlife. I have hiked already lots of kilometers but it never gets boring.

Today, however instead of hiking one mountain in the Tramuntana I decided to start a round-trip hike in Arta, in the Northeast of the island. A course of 27 kilometers and 1000 meters in height difference. I follow a mountain ridge with several peaks, the tallest of them rises just 561m above mean sea level. I enjoy gorgeous views of the sea and the little villages below. The weather is fantastic and actually warmer than expected. And I wonder if I brought enough water.


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