Drunken Sailor

The weather was perfect, the boat was ready but part of the crew was not.

Most common mistakes when it comes to sea-sickness is boarding a vessel with an empty stomach, not bringing enough clothes when you feel cold or when you think you can manage a cruise day while experiencing a hang-over.

While most of us had a lovely day enjoying a nice sailing experience with great food and drinks a few of us didn’t feel like having so much fun.

Leaving the port of Palma, we sailed Mahe, the 39 feet Beneteau Cyclades westerly towards the bay of Palmanova. First “action” we encountered was during the exit when we had to watch several ferries leaving the port at the same time. They are rather big. And fast. Once we cleared all traffic we set sail and the wind pushed us into our desired direction. With the sun up the temperature was quite comfortable, even in spring.

After a few hours we reached the area of Palmanova and the anchor was dropped. With plenty of food and drinks we brought along we enjoyed a few beers and tapas. Even though the water was inviting for a swim, the temperature was not.

While others had to rest from the hang-over which happened the other night most of us had a great time on board.


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