Wine & Sail

In the Northeast of Mallorca there is a hidden vineyard which probably produces the best wine on the island. From Palma we followed initially the highway to Manacor and from there we continued to Colonia Sant Pere.

The vineyard is, or was owned by a French count ( he recently sold it ) who started wine production some 15 years ago. With his experience as French winemaker from the famous region of Bordeaux he settled in this lovely spot of Mallorca where you can enjoy not only great views of the bay of Alcudia, no you also will enjoy excellent wines.

On our trip to Sant Pere we were lucky, the weather was favoring us and we could enjoy the sun on the terrace. And so it happened that we initially could philosophize about God and the world with a good glass of white wine. Shortly thereafter we switched to rosé. Followed by the outstanding red wine, which I have to admit is my favorite one. Anette, who is not only responsible for the major remodeling of the building but also leads wine enthusiasts through the vineyard, had freshly prepared Paella served.

As one can imagine at that moment we didn’t need anything else.

After the wine tasting event we were allowed to peer behind the scenes. Anette showed us how the grapes are turned into wine and where all those different steps take place. It is a very interesting story about the count and his vineyard and we enjoyed the trip to Sant Pere very much. The afternoon was faded away with another glass of excellent wine and lots of laughter while chatting about what really matters in life.

Gracias Anette for this perfect day!

New day, new adventure. On the next morning we packed our stuff the get ready for another sail trip in the bay of Palma. It was in the mid of April with pleasant temperatures and sufficient wind to set sails.

With food and drinks stowed away under deck we were ready to go. Ground power was removed and the engine started. Philipp, the helmsman carefully navigated us out of the harbor while keeping proper distance to the departing ferry. Once we cleared the harbor area we were able to hoist the main and the genus followed shortly thereafter. We set course towards Arenal which lays on the other side of Palma bay.

Sailing conditions couldn’t be better at that moment. We had lots of fun and soon we reached our anchorage near Arenal where we then enjoyed some tapas and cervezas. With perfect weather conditions and temperatures into the low 20´s the water was almost screaming to us. The water temperature however wasn’t really inviting. However, after one or two beers we started to challenge ourselves who would dare to jump in. Well, take a wild guess…

I hope you enjoy this video of our trip. Leave a comment if you wish to do so, I’d be happy to read about it. And even more so, if you choose to subscribe.

…to be continued…


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