Let´s get back to business

We love to travel. We love to explore. We love to fly.

Countries all over the place are finally trying to take back and ease some of the travel restrictions which we all were facing throughout the last couple of months. When you live in a country which is severely dependant on tourism you can imagine the devastating results when you ban tourists and the right of travel. Thousands of people lost their jobs throughout the last year and many, many companies were thrown out of business.

Living here on the island of Mallorca was most probably pure luck for me not loosing my job as my company has a strong believe in tourism coming back and growing fast after this pandemic. And here we are, finally re-starting our operations from Palma with many, many flights every day to get back to business. We see and hear our customers say that it was due time to be back.

People long for a vacation or a weekend trip to Mallorca or a city trip to New York. People are fed up with being locked away. We need social contacts, we need to meet with friends and families. We can see that in rising numbers on board our aircrafts.

One of those early flights during the re-start was a flight to Munich, Germany. It was a smooth and quiet flight along the coast of France, the Côte d´Azur. We had a great view onto Monaco and the city of Nice. Along our route we passed as well Milan, Italy and when we crossed the Austrian alps we could enjoy a glance onto Innsbruck, in the western part of Austria. While we were overhead the snow-covered mountains we were able to see Munich ahead of us, surrounded by rich green colors.

Sit back and enjoy our flight. Don’t forget to subscribe.


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