Welcome to BER…Berlin Brandenburg

Some years ago the city of Berlin, Germany had three international airports: Tegel in the North, Schönefeld in the South and in the heart of the city was the airport Tempelhof.

Tempelhof was opened in 1923 and after it welcomed 350.000 travelers in 2007, it finally closed its gates permanently in the year 2008.

The airport of Tegel has quite a history. In times after the second world war it was used as an air-bridge to support the citizens in western Berlin.

The first civil aviation airline was Air France to land in 1960, officially opening the airport Tegel. In the year 2018 it welcomed 22 million travelers. Two years later it closed its gates, just like Tempelhof.

The airport Schönefeld with its single runway underwent a major re-construction to become Berlin´s largest airport. Works began in 2006 and it was Germany´s largest construction site. It was first scheduled to open its gates in 2011 but several problems forced all involved parties to re-schedule several times. Finally in the year 2020, after 14 years of construction it started officially it’s operation.

Berlin Schönefeld became Berlin Brandenburg. It’s theoretical capacity lies at 46 million passengers per year, it has two runways and three terminals.

My very last flight to Berlin Tegel was in 2020. My very first one to Brandenburg in 2021.

Let´s see how it will develop and if it is an appropriate successor. I most probably will not miss Tegel´s handling problems with hundreds of stranded suitcases but I will miss Tegel´s Ess-Bahn, a retired cable car just outside the terminal where Berlin´s most famous sausage was served, the curry wurst.

Here comes my latest video, my first flight into Berlin Brandenburg. Sit back and relax and fasten your seat belt.

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