What a salute

After not having flown into Paderborn for more than a year we are finally back.

Even though we didn’t fly a single sector throughout the entire winter it is reassuring how quickly we all got back into business. Sure, it all felt a bit strange at the beginning but we are professionals after all. After two, three months everything was as normal as before the crisis hit us, well at least on the flighdeck. Or was it not? I would say the way we were welcomed back at PAD airport was far off normal. But let’s start at the beginning…

Check-in at PMI airport was later in the afternoon. Time-wise a perfect start into a new working day. Enough rest and some time for sports in the morning. As usual the weather was great and I chose to swim some meters in the bay of Palma. After a lite lunch I was ready for my flight and prepared my gear. It pretty much consists of all necessary licenses and my logbook. And the company laptop, of course.

Our roster showed one sector to Dusseldorf with a layover in the nearby airport hotel. After we completed our preparations we started our flight. The landing took place some two and a half hours later, easy and uneventful. We secured the aircraft for overnight parking, grabbed our bags and walked some 10 mins to the hotel. Luckily it was the first night where the bar and restaurant were re-opened. Time for dinner.

After a good nights sleep we woke up and met in the lobby to start our second day of our trip. We were scheduled to fly DUS-PMI-PAD-PMI. So, three sectors today. While the first sector back to Palma was again a very quiet one we did however experience something out of the ordinary on sector number two / three.

Check out how the airport of Paderborn welcomed us back after an absence of more than one year…

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Thank you and stay tuned for more.


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