Sailing is a lifestyle

Sailing for me means way more than just to enjoy water, wind and the sun. It’s a lifestyle. It’s been quite a while since we last set sail. The reason is that we changed our boat sharing provider. We are now on a Beneteau Cyclades 39 which in fact is exactly the same as we used before. Our base is now in Arenal which means we are closer to the Delta but further away from many other bays.

For me it doesn’t really make a big difference I just want to enjoy time on the water. And it became already quite an addiction. So much in fact that I seriously consider buying my own boat.

But before I am able to do so I will sail some more miles on Divona, which we share with people from the club.

Normally in summer, especially in August the boat is fully booked and it is tricky to reserve it. On this Saturday however, I was lucky. Spontaneously I checked the online system and I found the boat was available. The weather was so inviting so I reserved the boat for two consecutive exits. I rang up my friends and two hours later we left the harbor for an enjoyable afternoon. With food and drinks we set sail and found eventually some wind which brought us to the Delta, a lovely little bay close to Arenal. In summer time it is however so popular that many tour operators offer tours on boats.

We found a relatively quiet spot and set anchor. After a refreshing swim we sat down and enjoyed some Iberian ham and cheese.

What an easy way of life.

Some hours later we decided to head back and anchored up and set sail again. We enjoyed a breathtaking sunset and we were happy that this come-together ended in lots of fun. It’s the spontaneous decisions that bring most the fun.

Looking forward to the next trip…


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