Perfect day…

After more than two months I decided it was time for another hike. Mallorca offers a huge variety of hikes for different levels of experience and equipment. Sandals lovers can choose amongst more than 179 beaches where they can enjoy a walk at the beach. If you are interested in climbing Mallorca has as well many different routes to offer. Everything in between can be discovered on a hike.

Since it was quite a long time I didn’t enjoy the mountains I decided to select a short and relatively easy hike. I did this trail already several times and there is already one video about it.

The weather and especially the temperature were just perfect for a morning hike and Sant Elm can be reached by car quite easily. I did even see public buses running to/from this little village. On that very morning I was not the only one who was about to start a hike. Apparently there are more naturalists who can’t resist a breeze of fresh air.

From the parking I followed the road northbound and in no time I was in the middle of the forest. This tranquility is exactly what I was looking for. Until I started my drone…

With my mountain app called Bergfex I found and followed the track without a hassle and occasionally there were a few signs as well. Especially stone markings along the track makes navigation quite easy. Once you are midway through the forest the trees open up for a stunning view onto the small island of La Dragonera. A little while later there was one spot however, which requires a bit of a climb. Nothing really too serious but you should pay attention to where you step and hold on to.

La Dragonera

Now it’s just around the corner: the monastery of La Trapa. If you follow the gravel road some more meters uphill this track turns into a great round-course back to Sant Elm. Otherwise you follow the same tracks you came from.

I really enjoyed this trip and I hope you did, too. Leave some comments or even a like. Subscribe on YouTube so you won’t miss any videos in the future from SailingCelina.


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