Hiking in the backyard of Valldemossa

Valldemossa, a little village in the Northwest of the island of Mallorca , lies beautifully embedded within the mountains of the Tramuntana. This will be our starting point for our todays tour.

In fact one can find several options to enjoy some incredible moments in nature. Today we will follow the track which leaves the village on its East side along a track that is surrounded by olive trees. Our goal for today is Puig Teix. Another peak which reaches up more than 1000m above mean sea level.

We will however not come back the very same route as I usually plan for roundtrips for more diversity. In this case we will cross the track which connects Valldemossa with Deia on the other side of the mountain ridge.

We started at a decent time at around 10 a.m. and some two hours later we enjoyed the sun at 1065m, the peak of Puig Teix. And since it was such a lovely day we were definitely not the only ones sharing the same idea. After a short break with hot tea and a sandwich we continued our trip. But enough the words, enjoy the video below and share it with friends or family.


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