Painful Mountain

Welcome to 2022!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have got a feeling that this year will be better than the last ones. To support this feeling I started the new year with lots of sports and fun activities like playing beach volley. The month of January was indeed packed with lots of different fun stuff and the weather was really quite inviting. Many hikes were planned and I could enjoy great moments outdoors.

Besides my passion of hiking I was again enjoying some time at sea, sailing Divona in the bay of Palma. Overall I have to admit it was the perfect start into 2022.

At the end of January I packed my rucksack and my camera equipment for another mountain adventure. The weather on that day could not have been any better, although it was chilly in the morning. My plan was to catch some great moments on camera on the mountain ridge of Moleta de s´Esclop which is close to Calvià, Mallorca.

As usual I planned for a lovely round-course which covered 15km and roughly 900 meters of height difference. The very first kilometers were an easy hike on a gravel road.

Passing the finca public Galatzó you find yourself northbound on a track surrounded by blooming almond trees. What a start. The track started to ascend and after a few height meters I could enjoy a marvelous view over the valley and the city of Calvià. Just awesome. The track rapidly climbs up the mountain and sooner or later you can find yourself overseeing the Northwesterly terrain of Mallorca. The view over the Mediterranean Sea with its deep-blue color and having a glimpse on green bushes and trees is a welcome combination.

Moments later I was reaching the peak and I was stunned by the views. I even could see the island of Ibiza some 75 nm away. Soon it was time to continue. The descend was not too tricky but of course caution is always advised when you are in the mountains. At the moment I approached grass-covered areas during my descend I felt that my concentration was not at 100% anymore. So the inevitable had to happen: I didn’t realize a loose rock which was covered by grass and stumbled over it, slipped and fell hard on the rock underneath. Luckily I landed in the grass, my head facing downhill. I guess it must have been a funny situation for the goats around me. But my arm and my leg hurt a lot and I still had more than 3 km back to the car.

After a short break I collected my thoughts and continued my descend. While in motion my leg wasn’t as painful as expected. One hour later I was back at my car. Looking back I have to admit, putting the pain aside, that the hike was absolutely fantastic and worth every minute. The following days after my fall were, of course less of fun experience.

Anyway, I do hope you will enjoy the following video. Leave some comments and subscribe if you feel to do so. Cheers, and enjoy your time.

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