Serra de Teixos

Today I will be hiking again in the Tramuntana mountains on the lovely island of Mallorca.

As usual I start at one of the parking lots close to the Cuber water reservoir and I initially follow the GR-221. It is a beautiful day, the temperature is just right and I can pick up quite a nice pace.

Soon I find myself at the intersection of my selected route to Serra de Teixos and another route which leads southbound to the peak of Tossals Verds. The tallest point of Serra de Teixos lies some 1259m above mean sea level and the views is spectacular. Just opposite I can see Puig Major and beyond the deep blue colors of the Med.

A few spots might be a bit tricky but if one isn’t afraid of heights it should not cause major troubles. In total I managed to do almost 15kms and close to 600m in height difference.

I hope you enjoy the video below, leave a comments or even better subscribe to this channel and on YouTube.

Thanks for watching – have a great day!


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