Mountain Air

As the weather was finally improving we were planning to fill our lungs with fresh mountain air.

Puig de ses Vinyes lies embedded in the Tramuntana mountains close to Cuber reservoir. Its peak reaches an altitude of 1106 meters above sea level and offers stunning views over the Tramuntana mountains and both water reservoirs, Cuber and Gorg Blau.

Together with Franz I started at 10 a.m. from the parking lot just a few meters above the water reservoir for Palma. We initially headed back the road we came from in direction of the military base. There we found the trail which we followed into the forest. It is an easy trail and shortly thereafter we found ourselves above the tree line which lies roughly at 800 meters. Thin clouds blocked away the strongest sun light making it quite comfortable to hike without shade. Most of the time one can see sheep and goat on the mountains of Mallorca and so it happened as well on this tour that we saw those animal.

Now, as we got closer to the peak we left the steady track and started to ascend a climb on rocks. Not too tricky, but yet steep enough to require proper equipment.

What a view. Once on top of Puig de ses Vinyes we enjoyed a sandwich and a sip of schnapps while filling our lungs with mountain air.

Enjoy our trip and leave a comment. Thanks for watching.


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