Maiden Voyage…

After I finally bought my own sailing boat it was about time to bring Celina home to Palma. Together with Ian and Franz, I flew to Valencia. We enjoyed a quiet train ride to Burriana and, since there were some holiday festivities going on and we could not find a taxi, we decided to walk all the way to the harbor. Smart idea having a 6km walk in the summer heat.

Anyway, when we finally reached the harbor we really deserved a cold beer.

Thereafter we started to check on Celina and to prepare her for this 140 nm long trip to Mallorca. We installed the genoa, mounted the bimini and the spray hood. We checked the engine and all fluid levels. The sea-cocks and through holes were also checked but no leakage was found.

On the next morning we finalized the technical check-up and after lunch we set sail to check the condition of sails and rigg. Everything looked great and worked in a proper way.

Celina was ready to go.

For this trip we estimated three days because of lack of wind and because we planned a stop in Columbretes. A group of small islands just in between Valencia and Mallorca, which was used by pirates and smugglers back in the day. What was left on our To-Do-List was provisioning.

The day has finally come to leave the port of Burriana and set sails to Mallorca.

During our trip we discovered the main island of Columbretes, we fixed some technical issues with the engine and Franz managed to climb the mast to untangle the main sail.

What a great trip this was. Check it out on my YouTube channel: SailingCelina. Leave some comments and don’t forget to subscribe.

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