About Me

My name is Chris, I am Austrian and I live currently on the lovely island of Mallorca.

When I was in my early twenties I fulfilled my childhood dream and became a commercial pilot to be able to explore new countries and new cultures. For many, many years I used to fly different airplanes for different airlines all over the globe and I did see our beautiful planet from high above for thousands of flight hours. Having logged super short sectors just as little as 15 minutes up to super long sectors with more than 17 hours flight time.

Over the course of twenty years I was able to meet so many great people and we used to discover places like The Great China Wall, Sydney Opera House, The Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben, or the stunning beaches of Seychelles.

Time went by so quickly and life was always on the fast lane. Throughout my career I used to live in different places like the beautiful city of Salzburg, the super busy metropolitan city of Dubai and now on the breathtaking island of Mallorca.

Whenever I was not at work I always was interested in action-loaded sports. In my youth I used to race down mountains on my mountain bike or explore the underwater world on one or the other dive. Later I learned how peaceful it can be on top of a mountain after a few hours ascend.

Since I moved to Mallorca, where I was surrounded by sea my focus was drawn to sailing. I got myself a license and started to share a boat with a colleague. I have to admit that this wasn’t such a good idea. Now, on a windy day I faced the problem to choose between kite-surfing or sailing. What a problem, I know.

The island here combines everything I was looking for: mountains and sea, great food and excellent wines, great people and stunning scenery. And the pace of life finally started to slow down a bit.

Everything seemed to be just perfect. Until I started to watch videos from an English couple sailing their boat around the world. It appeared that this was going to be my latest dream: following them in their keel-water on my own sailboat My Dream. For that endeavor I even built my own dinghy on my balcony About Celina.

As you can see I am crazy for adventures…