Our planet. Our home. Without the element earth there would be no place to live on, no land to grow food, no spots for fun or action. No matter if you enjoy a simple life at home, or seek the adventure across the globe, mother nature has it all.

Exploring our planet was always on my to-do list. Not only by plane, especially nowadays even more on foot or by boat. I loved visiting new countries and new cultures but I love it even more to discover beautiful spots just around the corner on one of my many hikes.

Earth is a fun place for every kind of activity. If it is as easy as a walk on the beach or as exciting as hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. It could be a trip through a desert or a visit in a national park in Tansania. No matter if it is summer or winter, there is always something you could do outdoors. All you need is proper equipment.

Even though I did already a lot of adrenalin stuffed sports I always try to keep things interesting. Racing down mountains on my mountain bike was something I did until my early twenties. Now I enjoy a demanding hike the same way. I always try to push myself to the limit. It could be a fast ascend which makes me sweat or a long-distance trail. Just like the one I finished only this year here on the lovely island of Mallorca: GR221.

On this page I concentrate on the element earth and its trails it offers. I will be giving you some ideas for your next hikes, stunning pictures and breathtaking views. Not only from Mallorca, where I currently live but also from the alps where I used to grow up. Stay tuned…

Secret Waterfall

Here on the island of Mallorca there are some hidden or secret waterfalls. There is one though everybody seems to know: Salt d´es Freu. There is however one small problem: no water, no waterfall. Coming from Palma one has to take the road to Sóller. At the round-about take the exit to Orient and follow… Continue reading Secret Waterfall

Hiking with Friends

Summer is coming to an end here on our lovely island of Mallorca and the last weeks of hot and humid conditions are over. Since temperatures are dropping again we finally can enjoy one or the other hike. Time for me to spend some time planning new and exciting tracks. I already gained a lot… Continue reading Hiking with Friends

Bec de Ferrutx

Even tough this current situation is not easy I have to admit that I never had more time to enjoy hikes or sail the boat than during this pandemic. Sure, I couldn’t enjoy winter in Austria as I normally would have. No skiing in fresh powder nor climbing mountains with skies at New Years Day.… Continue reading Bec de Ferrutx

Puig de ses Vinyes, 1106m

The alarm clock was set to 5:30a.m. Not really the preferred time to wake up on a day off. But today another hike was planned: Puig de ses Vinyes. Even though the calender shows already mid of September, the thermometer still indicates 30° C. To avoid that heat we prefer to start our hikes quite… Continue reading Puig de ses Vinyes, 1106m

Sant Elm – La Trapa

Just before sunrise I jumped into my car and drove to Sant Elm, a lovely fisher village and the western end of Mallorca. From there I followed a part of the GR-221 which is the long-distance trail from Port d´Andratx to Port de Pollença. The track leads initially through a forrest of pine trees with… Continue reading Sant Elm – La Trapa