My Dream

…inspired by Matt and Amy

The day I moved to Mallorca I was still commercial pilot without bigger thoughts of sailing. The mountains here were just perfect and offered a pleasant diversity. Or on a windy day I spent some hours on the water with my kite. Getting into sailing was really just a coincidence: I was once invited by one of my colleagues.

Most big dreams start with a coincidence.

From that day on I was focused on learning how to sail. After I got my license I started boat-sharing a Beneteau Oceanis 39.3 which we sailed as often as we could in the lovely bay of Palma. The tranquility one experiences on board a sailing yacht is heavenly. Being exposed to the elements of wind and water is impressive and simple at the same time and when you realize the hectic life ashore you treasure the moments onboard even more.

I was blown away every single time we set sail and soon I realized that this kind of life is what I desired.

Since I was still following that very same English couple on their circumnavigation around the world ( ) and after every single episode I could see how the idea of doing the same grew bigger and bigger. Even though at this moment it keeps to be a dream I will remember Amy ´s words that even big dreams can become reality.

Before I will set off on my own circumnavigation there is still lots to be done. Stay tuned for news and updates.

…to be continued…

Stunning view of the island of Sa Dragonera