Without water, another important element, there would not be live. I was always fascinated watching the waves roll in while having a walk on a beach. Water covers 2/3 of earths surface so apparently I had to find something to include it in my sports activities.

In teenage years I started diving and the sensation being under water is breathtaking. Floating a few meters underneath the surface one is about to enter a different world. The variety of fish, corals and other underwater creatures always blows me away. Diving with sharks in the Bahamas for example was a unique experience, so was cage diving with the great white in South Africa.

When I started kite surfing I knew that this sport was made for me: thrilling, action, speed. With different kites I can adapt to varying wind speed and enjoy every moment at sea.

And now sailing: I never thought that it could be such an equalizer. Once I am on the boat and set sail, when one only hears the wind and the water against the hull, I live the perfect moment.

To add some spice to that peaceful way of travel I built an underwater wing which is drawn behind the boat. Hold your breath and discover the new way of fun.

Wine & Sail

In the Northeast of Mallorca there is a hidden vineyard which probably produces the best wine on the island. From Palma we followed initially the highway to Manacor and from there we continued to Colonia Sant Pere. The vineyard is, or was owned by a French count ( he recently sold it ) who started… Continue reading Wine & Sail

Drunken Sailor

The weather was perfect, the boat was ready but part of the crew was not. Most common mistakes when it comes to sea-sickness is boarding a vessel with an empty stomach, not bringing enough clothes when you feel cold or when you think you can manage a cruise day while experiencing a hang-over. While most… Continue reading Drunken Sailor