Is this the most beautiful approach?

Today we were scheduled to fly from Palma to Nuremberg in Germany and back to Palma as usual. The first sector was quite uneventful until we started the approach towards Rwy28 in Nuremberg.

As we have already seen on our weather radar we will soon be entering an area with moderate rain. There is nothing to worry about rain really, as long as no thunderstorms are involved. The weather service for Nuremberg also indicated moderate rain for our arrival. We were well prepared and alerted with our focus put on a safe and smooth landing. As you can see in the video the windscreen wipers were doing a great job. As planned the approach and the landing were smooth.

After disembarking the passengers at the gate we set up the aircraft for our return flight to Palma. No fuel was needed as we used to tanker in Palma for both sectors. The reason for this is the cheaper fuel price on the island. We always try not only to safely fly from A to B but as well most economically.

Soon we were back in the air and after a few chit-chats we were about to reach our point of descent.

I have to say this approach for Rwy 06L in Palma was one of the best so far. The sunlight hit this beautiful island in the correct moment. The colors were fantastic and the view from the flightdeck was simply awesome.

But enough the words, have a look for yourself and enjoy the flight.

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