Still far from normal

The last three months were without a doubt the most challenging for all of us. From one day to another we were restricted in travel or personal contacts with friends and family. Personally it was quite an impact at the very beginning of the crisis because as the past had already shown, the aviation industry is very vulnerable. Out of a sudden flights were canceled and airlines had to stop their operation.

Now with the beginning of the summer season when restrictions are more and more waived people try to settle into this new normality. In the summer 2019, which was another record-breaking year in the airline industry, our planes were crowded. Today we are happy to see more than 10 passengers on our flights from Palma. But having said so, coming back to the island we carry already more than 100 passengers, numbers increasing.

Experts all over the world, from the industry or from outside come up with lots of different scenarios. But most of them have in common that air travel will not be the same for years.

Although we are still far from normal let ´s stay positive and enjoy the moment.


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