Hiking with Friends

Summer is coming to an end here on our lovely island of Mallorca and the last weeks of hot and humid conditions are over. Since temperatures are dropping again we finally can enjoy one or the other hike. Time for me to spend some time planning new and exciting tracks.

I already gained a lot of experience here on various trails on this island and I was quite surprised that even though the tallest mountain on Mallorca is only 1437m high the variety is huge. Easy trails are as well available as tougher ones which require rope assistant climbs.

To share these moments with friends I created a group where colleagues and friends are invited to participate. For our hike today I chose Morro d´Altmallutx close to both reservoirs Cuber and Gorg Blau. As a matter of fact there are many hikes which start just here next to those reservoirs.

Morro d´Altmallutx is with its 1046m one of the 52 peaks on Mallorca which reaches up more than 1000m from sea level. It is a relatively easy hike which takes about 2:30 hours. The total distance of 7kms leads over two peaks and covers a bit more than 400m in height difference.

We enjoyed a fantastic hike with perfect temperatures and visibilities.


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