Feeling free…

Even though the island of Mallorca offers a fantastic variety of activities like hiking, wine tasting, spelunking and a lot more, my favorite activity during this current situation is sailing. It gives me the impression of limitless freedom. Being able to set sail and forget about our situation for a moment or two is priceless.

The weather forecast for this weekend changed a lot during the preceding week. From zero wind to wind with gusts into the 20´s. Anyway I reserved Mahe already weeks before and with proper clothes it should be quite enjoyable.

When we cast off the sun was warm and the mood on board couldn’t be better, even though we missed some wind. In the afternoon the forecast seemed to fulfill itself and we encountered perfect wind conditions but with clouds and lower temperatures.

The original plan sailing to the islands of Cabrera some 35 miles to the southeast couldn’t be met since the wind wasn’t strong enough. So we decided to anchor in the bay of Cala Mago.

Clouds welcomed us on the next morning accompanied by a stiff breeze. After breakfast we set sail and headed towards the lighthouse of Figuera where we changed course in direction of Santa Ponsa. Wind was aft and the speedometer climbed nicely. Soon however, we had to turn around and sail against the wind zigzagging our way back to the port of Palma. What a lovely weekend…


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