Terminating 2021

“…so this is Christmas and what have you done, another year over…”, here we find ourselves again at the end of a calendar year. And the question is appropriate: what have you done?

So let’s recap the year 2021…

I normally try to avoid talking/writing about this pandemic because we are all well aware of the situation we encounter every single day. But we are about to end year two with this useless virus, so let me state something. Personally I have to admit that 2021 passed in a flash and it seemed that we were getting along with this crisis in a better way than back in 2020. But this is just my personal impression. Life here in Spain was, again this is my personal feeling, not as restrictive as it used to be in 2020 or in other countries where lockdowns were put in force, again, or restrictions were implemented in shops, bars and restaurants. So I guess in this crazy times I was quite lucky to be here on this island of Mallorca. Although I really missed skiing in Austria this winter.

The year 2021 actually started the same way as it later ended, with a hike. Even though I already did a lot of hikes here on this island I still find some nice places to go.

In 2021 I was sometimes accompanied by friends or colleagues and then a hike is even more fun. We completed some kilometers and some meters in height difference while enjoying great views and fantastic times together.

Equally important to me is sailing. Since we changed our sailing club it took quite a while to find another one with preferably equal terms. Although we lost some weeks without a single day at sea we were still quite fortunate to set sail one day or the other throughout the year.

Whenever I could I was re-charging my batteries in the mountains or at sea. Either way it makes me feel alive, active and happy. And despite all the negatives we still can find a lot of positive things as well. Especially with some common sense it should be possible to develop and get out of this entire situation more powerful as before.

There was however one huge project which I personally failed to achieve in 2021: getting my own sail boat.

In 2021 I investigated several websites and found one or the other possible candidate to be my future sailboat. Having spent some days in Portugal, Italy or even here in Spain checking all different kinds of boats is both fun and hard work at the same time.

In total I have already seen more than 10 boats. They all range from 40 to 44 feet and cover different manufacturers as well. In November I was already about to close one deal on a 44 foot Jeanneau Sun Magic, unfortunately it was sold before we could get deeper in negotiations. Since I am not in a hurry I will simply sit put and continue my search. In the meantime I have to use the boat from our sailing club.

Well, let me end this story and at the same time this year by saying THANK YOU to everyone out there enjoying my videos and blogs and by wishing everyone a very



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