Tossals Verds

For the last few months I only posted videos about hikes which I undertook either by myself or with colleagues and friends. The main reason why I withhold videos from my other two categories, Water and Air is simple:

Air: as a flight instructor I mainly fly training flights with new colleagues and therefore all my focus is on the safe conduct of those flights rather than filming them.

Water: due to the fact that we resigned from our sail club we simply lack a boat. The reason why we resigned was the state of the boat and the fact that the contract was not fulfilled. For example some important indications were not working or the genua sail didn’t fit the boat. Technical problems were also faced while we were sailing this Beneteau 39. It’s a shame especially now as we are facing the beginning of a new sailing season.

Sailing Celina, as the name indicates should normally post some water related videos. Believe me when I tell you that over the course of two years I tried to get hold of my very own sail boat. I have visited several boats here in Spain, I have been traveling to Portugal or Italy, too but unfortunately the spark didn’t jump yet. Among all the boats were great names like Jeanneau or Dufour, but eventually there were too many downsides. Either it was too expensive or not well equipped, one was full of mold and not well maintained. They were either too small or had the wrong main sail ( I prefer the fully battened main over the furling one ).

But I won’t give up and I will continue my search for my very own sail boat. In the meantime I will keep you posted with videos from category Earth: my hikes across the island of Mallorca.

It happened to be in the middle of March on one of those days where the weather was acceptable and not rainy. It was cloudy and quite windy tough, but at least we were able to stretch our legs.

For this trip I chose the peak of Tossals Verds which is located in the area of the Cuber water reservoir. Its peak is at 1118 meters above mean sea level and offers great views.

I usually plan for round-course trails rather than walking back the same route. And sometimes it means to descend on one side just to start an ascend for another peak to get back to the point where you parked your car. At the end we covered more than 10kms while ascending almost 700 meters. Unfortunately the strength we gained from the schnapps I brought along didn’t last very long. But see for yourself.

I really would appreciate some comments below or maybe you even want to share this video with friends. Even better though if you consider to hit subscribe. Enjoy this video and thanks for watching.


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